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Criminal Law Specialist Tim A. Pori has been representing clients accused of state and federal crimes for 24 years. He is a passionate trial attorney with a great reputation among the San Francisco Bay Area, including among local judges and peers. Whether you have been charged with DUI, gang crimes, possession of controlled substances, murder, sex crimes, violent felonies, or other state or federal offenses, Attorney Pori can strategize the most viable defense options for your case. He knows that justice is obtained only when every defendant is aggressively and intelligently represented, and you can count on him to make sure that every one of your constitutional rights is respected.

Attorney Pori is a thorough, non-judgmental legal fighter who has made criminal defense his life's work. He has stacks of not guilty verdicts on his desk and in the press to prove he is capable, and he will make sure you get the quality representation that you deserve. He is practical and will tell you what he thinks, not giving you false hopes or wasting either party’s time. 

Let a proven trial attorney fight for your defense in Fairfield, CA. Call (707) 289-9837 or contact the Law Office of Tim A. Pori online for a free consultation.

Legal Awards
  • CA Attorneys for Criminal Justice
  • CA Public Defender's Association
  • Member- State Bar of CA
  • State Bar of California Certified Specialist- Criminal Law
  • American Bar Association

Honest and Straightforward Legal Representation

When you work with the Law Office of Tim A. Pori, you can expect straightforward and open communication. He won’t sugarcoat anything with false promises, and he will consult his vast network of crime scene experts like DNA analysts and drug sale experts to further strengthen your defense. Innocence does not guarantee acquittal, and District Attorneys can prosecute you for crimes that you didn’t even commit. As a result, you need a top-notch, energetic defense attorney to fight aggressively for your defense. Attorney Pori has won acquittals and fair treatment for clients in California State Court, Federal Court, and in front of administrative hearings of the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

In The News

Attorney Tim Pori firmly believes that his clients' rights should be defended whole-heartedly. Throughout his career, he has proven this to be true. In one Double homicide Mr. Pori refused to proceed to trial unprepared and was ordered to spend five days in county jail and pay a $2,500 fine rather than compromise on his duty to zealously defend his client. Read the article here:

Why the Law Office of Tim A. Pori?

When you're accused of a crime, you need someone confident and experienced to rely on. You need someone who is going to fight for you, someone who is going to tell you the truth, someone who knows what the police are supposed to do and can make sure that the government abides by the Constitution and honors its protections.

Few other lawyers are as experienced and successful as Attorney Pori. The California State Bar recognizes him as a Certified Specialist in Criminal Law. He is an aggressive, smart lawyer. He is good in court, and he has excellent, on-going relationships with forensic experts, such as alcohol toxicologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, crime scene experts and ballistic experts who can help correct prosecution inaccuracies and exaggerations. Attorney Pori has a unique team of experts who will make sure that your story is told clearly and forcefully.

When you need a defense attorney in Fairfield, CA, contact our firm online or at (707) 289-9837 for a free, no-obligation telephone consultation to discuss your defense options, legal costs, and what you can expect in your case.

  • A Great Trial Lawyer that Loves a Good Fight
  • Well-Known & Respected by Judges & Peers
  • Tim is a Certified Criminal Law Specialist by the State Bar of CA
  • Over 23 Years of Legal Experience

Law Office of Tim A. Pori

  • Tim  Pori Photo
    Tim Pori
    Founding Attorney
    "I have a passion for the accused," explains Tim. "I will do everything ethically possible to protect your rights and vindicate your reputation. I love a good fight."
  • Federal Court Indictment Dismissed- Illegal Assault Weapons Charges
  • Not Guilty & Client Acquitted- Murder
  • Not Guilty Verdict- Federal Mail Fraud Charges
  • Not Guilty Verdict- Felony Assault Case

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