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Charged with a crime in Fairfield? Get started on your defense immediately with a certified Criminal Law Specialist. Attorney Tim A. Pori has been tenaciously defending clients against state and federal charges for 24 years and has cultivated a strong reputation in the legal community among judges and peers. He also has a vast network of crime scene experts like DNA and fingerprint analysts who can help provide valuable insight for your defense. From not guilty verdicts that have ended up in the press to tough federal trial defenses, Attorney Pori has handled it all. 

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Federal Crimes Defense

Attorney Tim A. Pori is one of the few lawyers in the area who handles federal crimes defense. From federal drug crimes to RICO accusations to federal wire fraud, Attorney Pori has the necessary experience and confidence to fight for your side. 

The federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) law makes it a federal crime to participate in or make money from organized, illegal activity. 

To prosecute a defendant under RICO, the federal prosecutors must prove all of the following:

  • a pattern of racketeering;
  • a criminal enterprise;
  • an effect on interstate commerce.

Each separate count of racketeering is punishable by up to 20 years in prison or life in prison if the underlying crime warrants life imprisonment. The court may also order a fine of up to twice the illegal profits, and affected citizens may also bring forward civil claims.

The Department of Justice may also prosecute federal crimes of drug conspiracy, which may include any of the following according to 21 U.S.C. § 841 and 21 U.S.C. § 952:

  • manufacturing a controlled substance;
  • distributing a controlled substance;
  • possessing a controlled substance with the intent to distribute it;
  • importing a controlled substance.

Our firm also defends clients facing federal wire fraud charges, which involve fraud carried out via wire, radio, or television communication, including e-mail and Internet use. 

To prove an instance of wire fraud, the prosecutor must show the following elements:

  • a scheme to commit fraud;
  • use of wire, radio, or television communication to further that scheme; and
  • specific intent to commit fraud.

A convicted individual can face up to 20 years in federal prison and a heavy fine. 

Visit our pages on Federal Crimes and White Collar Crimes to learn more details about the above offenses.

Murder and Manslaughter

When you are facing murder charges, no attorney is better prepared to take your case all the way than Attorney Pori. He has a stack of not guilty verdicts he’s obtained for clients throughout his career, and he has a vast portfolio of murder trials that have ended up in the press. For instance, he once tried 3 murder cases in one year, one of which was a double homicide, and he obtained not guilty verdicts in the other two cases in Vallejo and Fairfield. He has even successfully negotiated an 8-year sentence in an all-girl thrill kill homicide in San Francisco.

California law recognizes 2 categories of murder – first-degree murder and second-degree murder. A person may be charged with first-degree murder if the murder involves:

  • intent and premeditation;
  • commitment during the commission of a felony; and
  • use of a weapon of mass destruction or an explosive device.

Any other murder is considered second-degree murder.

First-degree murder is punished by state imprisonment for 25 years to life or life imprisonment in state prison without the possibility of parole. Second-degree murder is punishable by 15 years to life in state prison, though the term increases to 20 years to life if the defendant killed the alleged victim while shooting a firearm from a motor vehicle. 

California Gang Crimes

Attorney Pori is also deeply familiar with California’s gang laws and has defended clients accused of gang-related activity in the Bay Area. Note that it is illegal to participate in a gang or gang activity while furthering a felony or carrying out a crime for the benefit of the gang, such as committing assault with a deadly weapon as a group.

To convict someone for a gang crime under California Penal Code 186.22a, the prosecutor must prove the following:

  • the defendant actively participated in a criminal street gang;
  • the defendant knew that the gang’s members engaged in a pattern of gang crimes; and
  • the defendant willfully assisted, furthered, or promoted felony criminal conduct by gang members.

Most gang crimes will be charged as either a misdemeanor punishable by up to 1 year in county jail and/or up to $1,000 in fines or a felony punishable by up to 3 years in state prison and/or $10,000 in fines.

Penal Code 186.22b may also impose a sentencing enhancement of 3 or more years, depending on the severity of the offense. Note that this prison time must be served in addition and consecutive to the sentence for the underlying crime.

  • Federal Court Indictment Dismissed- Illegal Assault Weapons Charges
  • Not Guilty & Client Acquitted- Murder
  • Not Guilty Verdict- Federal Mail Fraud Charges
  • Not Guilty Verdict- Felony Assault Case

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